Winning Souls - On A Mission To Spread The Gospel is an online community that is used to spread the good news and gospel of Jesus Chrirst.  We are on a mission to win lost souls into the body of Christ.  And the use of modern day technology is allowing us to do so.

Based on Matthew 28:19-20, we, the born again believers, are called to go out into the world and make disciples, teaching, and training others to follow Christ. 

Winning Souls is committed and dedicated to teaching others about Christ - that he came to earth, lived, and died so that we might have a chance at everlasting life.  

This group is on fire for Christ! Ready, willing, and able to go out into the world and win the lost souls to Christ!

Thank you for visiting the site.  Now, we ask that you join us on this crusade to go out and win souls for Christ!   Follow we follow Christ!!

God Bless!